Monday, April 30, 2007

What?? Throwing bolts?

So, Jason finally explains to me that "throwing bolts" means putting up your fingers (1st and 4th) while making a fist with the rest of your hand- like you're at a rock show!! So, I get it.

We went out to Stanley Park yesterday and rocked the shizznit on the kiddie choo choo shite! We also ate some killer asians at Azia restaurant near our new digs at Sutton Place. We are rock stars and are ripe for the picking.

We had a piano player by the name of Dave Pickell come in to lay down the tasty jams on one of our songs, Lillian. He's a great player and brought exactly what we needed on the cut, and it only took maybe an hour.

I'm leaving in a few minutes with Zach and Jason (waiting for our runner Adam, good kid) to ride out of the city 20 minutes to Grouse Mtn. to ride the gondola and look out upon the city from the mountain side, instead of the beautiful city side.

Super spoiled, but never rotten,

- Jed and the rest of the a.m.

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