Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hammer's List

Hey y'all. Hammer here. Thought it was time I chimed in on the blog. Aside from being in the middle of recording our best tracks ever (holy crap), here's a list of what's been going on:

1. We are renaming the band Peter Diaframton. Email Jed with complaints.

2. We rode the choo-choo train at the park.

3. We've come to the sad realization that we're the dorkiest rock band in the northern hemisphere (see #2). There's an Argentinian band called The Cacky Slack Gangsters who hold the southern title.

4. Last Wednesday we achieved a level of drunkenness normally reserved for Irish weddings.

4a. Trent and I trashed our hotel room and scared the crap out of Benjie at the same time.

4b. So far we've managed to avoid legal repercussions for the fire extinguisher incident (see 4a).

5. We learned that Ben E. King apparently wrote the classic "Stand By Me" for the Nazi Party. Believe me, we were just as surprised as you are.

6. My balls have been named Cagney and Lacey. Believe me, we were just as surprised as you are.

7. We've made some real progress in making Jed fat. It's my sincere belief that a fat drummer is a funky drummer, so I've been trying to fatten him up for years, with little success. It's much easier up here with all the fried cheese.

8. We've learned that most crack addicts in Vancouver want the same exact thing--37 cents. Weird, huh.

9. I'm still not sure if I trust Canadians. They're reserved and quiet. A little too quiet...

So you can see we're having a blast up here in the great city of Vancouver. Last night, Jed, Jason and I went to a lecture featuring Sir George Martin (producer known as the 5th Beatle). It was inspiring just to be in his presence. Later, back at the hotel, we passed Dennis Hopper in the lobby. Not as inspiring, but pretty cool.

Best wishes, see you back in the states.



Cassandra said...

Nice. Do I want to even know how Cagney and Lacey came into being? I don't think so. Probably I'd like to know who came up with Cacky Slack Gangsters, or whether or not you are shitting me about "Stand By Me." Thanks for the chuckles.

Anonymous said...

and how