Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be Still Video Project

The band has been working up a video project for the song Be Still. I think we are just about ready to start filming but there is a component that we would love for you all to get involved with if you feel inclined. The video is going to be a montage of clips of people being still and holding signs. The concept is everybody is willing to be active for something but are people willing to Be Still for? What are people willing to calm their hearts and minds for and focus their attention/thoughts/prayers on? Each sign will say, "I am Being Still for..." and then it would say whatever they are being still for such as peace, those without a home, jumpers (filmed on Golden Gate), the rain, those who have lost a child....etc. We are going to have cameras across the country getting clips of different people in different locations getting 5 to 10 second clips.

So where do you come in? 1. One if you have something you feel passionate about but do not have a camera you can either post a comment with your suggestion of what one of the signs should say and a suggested location if that is part of it. 2. You could film yourself Being still with a sign and send it to us (you might want to email me so we can tell you the deadline and format), 3. you could volunteer to be one of the people we film whether you have and idea for a sign or not.

The more we work on this the more ideas and camera people keep coming in. Post your suggestions and thanks.

Monday, February 25, 2008

getting caught up...

It has been awhile since we have updated this blog, but we are back. We promise to keep everyone more in the loop from here on out!

Here is a quick timeline of events over the past 4 months...

Nov. '07 - travel to Vancouver to finish mixing of Raise the Sun with Mike Frasier.
Dec. '07 - video for Still in Love With you is finished.
Dec. 31st, '07 - first New Years the band has taken off in 7 years. We are preparing for the whirlwind about to come in 2008.
Jan. '08 - Raise the Sun is mastered and duplicated. CD Release party planned.
Feb. 2, '08 - Five AM plays to a sold out Last Day Saloon crowd in Santa Rosa. The show was amazing. (see picture)
Feb. 20, '08 - Five AM hires Rent-A-Label to join our team. Their mission, should they choose to accept it: market the crap out of us. Radio, Internet, Print, Movies, TV and Film...beware.