Friday, December 5, 2008

Hammer tracking today!

Hammer is seriously rockin the hizz with several diff guitars, amps, and pedals galore. Here's the clip:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Touring and TV

Timing is everything. Just days before our West Coast Tour with Sister Hazel begins, we got the official news: our song “Fall Apart” will be featured on an ABC show called “Kyle XY” this fall. We’ll let you know exactly when the episode airs, so fire up the TiVo. The way we understand it, the first TV placement is the hardest to get, so we’re hoping this leads to more prime time Five A.M. Meanwhile, we’re heading out for the big tour on Sunday, and our first show is Tuesday night in Seattle. Should be a blast. We’ll blog from the road so stay tuned… - Zach

And a cool review on a music site:

Fire up the TiVo

Days before our West Coast tour with Sister Hazel begins, we got the official news: our song "Fall Apart" will be featured on an ABC show called "Kyle XY" this fall. We'll let you know when the episode will air. The way we understand it, the first TV placement is the hardest to get, so we're hoping this leads to more prime time Five A.M. Meanwhile, we're heading out for the big tour on Sunday, and our first show is Tuesday night in Seattle. Should be a blast - stay tuned. - Zach

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pre-dawn Five A.M.

Pre-dawn Five A.M.

Trent and I were live on KFOG (104.5 fm San Francisco) this morning at 7am. I’m still half asleep but I seem to recall it went well. KFOG has been a great support to the band recently, inviting us to open for Rocco De Luca in San Jose last week, and including us on their new Local Scene 5 CD, which benefits music in schools (if the state won’t do it, it’s up to us little people). KFOG has also been playing our single “Be Still,” which will hit radio stations nationally next week. Let’s get this baby in the Top 100. Stay tuned for big news about Five A.M. and your television. – Zach

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Five AM Radio - where we're at...

If any of you are in these areas please tune in to your FM dial. Support the stations that are playing Five AM! Drop us a line with updates as to when they are playing our song and what song they are playing.

Cleveland, OH 88.3 WBWC
Eugene, OR 91.9 KRVM
Grand Rapids, MN 91.7 KAXE
Jackson, WY 96.9 KMTN
Kalispell, MT 103.1 KRVO "The River"
Ocean City, MD 98.1 WOCM
Santa Rosa, CA 95.9 KRSH "The Krush"
St. Louis, MI 89.1 KCLC "The Wood"
St. Louis, MI 104.3 KDBB
Santa Fe, NM 98.1 KBAC
Taos, NM 101.9 KTAO
Virginia Beach, VA 100.9 WRRW

For those of you who are into PodCasts here is a list of way cool Pods that spin Five AM among other varieties:

A speacial thanks to all of you who are helping spread the word and spread our music. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Hey Everyone. We just got back last week at 1:00 a.m. in the morning with only one man left behind (waiting for the bus to get a new transmission in Bend, with a bottle of his parents sweet estate up there so don't cry for him too much).

After a tire blowout on the first leg of the trip in the middle of the night and still getting to our Eugene radio spot and a busted trany at 4;00 a.m. in the middle of nowhere we still are very excited about the trip! The Radio Promo stuff went great and we got a great response wherever we went: offers to come on air whenever we wanted, Program Directors saying they would add us the next week, to DJ's saying that they were going to fight for us. We came home to emails from people who heard us in the Midwest, Southwest, Northeast and on podcasts saying how much they loved the band.

Thanks again to all of you who set it up or kept working on other adds. BIG THANKS to KEVIN for showing us how it is done and what passion about music and what you are doing is all about, and to Jodi for babysitting us every step of the way.

As we all talked after watching our bus get towed and $3,000 go up in smoke, many of us red eyed from getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep for the past few nights, we were still excited about what we are doing, the music, and the ride that comes when you do something as illogical as going on the road to follow our passion!

Thanks to all of you.

Five A.M.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Better All The Time

So we were up by 7:15 am Thursday for the "Hot Waffle Breakfast" at the Super 8 in Sand Point, ID. Why the large sign included the word "hot" not just "waffle breakfast" is still a mystery, though they were quit tastey. We were at KPND 95.3 (spoken 95, 3 without the point!?) by 8:00am. The morning DJ Jonny was more than lively. He was having a "bad day" but still seemed to be digging having 5 guys cram into his studio for a live interview and performance. KPND recently boosted their broadcasting signal and is now heard in as far as Spokane WA, thats great! Back in the bus...

So after 3 hours of Montana driving we made it to Kalispell, had a quick lunch, adjusted to the time change (what?!) and headed to the station. Mission accomplished at KRVO. Brufus, MK and the crew there were friendly and sincerely glad to have us there. After we performed "Be Still", "Fall Apart" & "Just Say Anything" acousticly, we were told the station will be adding Five Am to their roster!

Fourty minutes later we are back in the bus driving 3 1/2 hours in the direction we just came from. We played the 9:00pm slot at 'The Blvd' in Spokane WA and were bummed to have missed The Dimes play since we had to get back on the road to make our 16 hour trek home. The guys from The Dimes were cool enough to give us a CD so we listened to them on our way back....


Well we turned it around folks. The bum tire was repaired and we made it to Eugene before dawn, and had a good time at KVRM (thanks Adam, Ken & Co.). While Jason got his head shaved, the rest of us enjoyed Yumm Bowls at the local veggie cafe.

In Portland Benjie came through in a big way and got us lodging at the massive home of some distant family friends, who had no idea what they were getting into (our apologies Ken and Patty, Jed knows not what he does). Our appearance on Portland's KINK 101.9fm was a blast, and after a lightly attended show later that night, we headed for Seattle just before midnight. After little sleep, we stumbled into KMTT Seattle and did our best to charm them (without getting to close, lest they should figure out that we were the ones that smelled like discarded cheese).

Stopping at a burger joint in the middle of nowhere, Jed proved his worth as a first class schmooze when he offered the cook and counter girl copies of our CD. Turns out the cook is involved in promoting a large concert series in the area. Aw yeah. We also tried Beefalo, which is better than it sounds.

We'll have the rest of the night off in Spokane, resting up for our marathon Thursday (two radio appearances, one club show, and 6 hours of driving in one day). Wish us luck, and keep sending those cards and letters.

- Zach

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

KRVM Radio Interview

Here's our interview and a few songs from our radio staion show in Eugene, OR today:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

So Far So Good

It's 9:30 Mother's Day, the first leg of our Northwest journey, and we're on the road. Actually, we're on the shoulder, limping down the hill toward Mt. Shasta on a blown rear tire. It wouldn't be so bad, but Jed, Jason and I had just gotten our ghetto in-bus movie screen set up, and we hadn't even gotten past the credits of "Superbad" when the tire exploded. We'll be lucky if we make the first radio appearance tomorrow, and my guess is that I'll end up sleeping on a pile of greasy rags. So far so good y'all. - Zach

We're off!

Stay up to date on our latest road trip through the Northwest. You can catch us streaming for live on air shows all this week! We'll keep you posted here.

Monday: Eugene OR, 11:30 AM
Tuesday: Portland, OR, 3:30 pm
Thursday: Sandpoint, ID, 9:00am
Kalispell, MT, 3:30pm (mountain time)
Show at The Blvd in Spokane, WA w/the dimes....then we drive home!

And Happy Mother's Day to All!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


So it has been awhile, but let's update you on where the band is at! We just finished a great show in San Francisco at the Red Devil Lounge on Friday night. Great crowd, great vibe!

In the past month we've been in LA performing for industry people. Five AM has been putting together our "team" to get Raise the Sun out there. We now have several companies on board, from Radio promoters, online publicity, to a great licensing company. We are very excited and greatful to be on this journey with them.

Next Sunday, the band will hit the road for 5 radio station appearences in 5 days. A whirlwind tour that will take us to Eugene and Portland OR, Seattle and Spokane, WA and Kalispell MT (don't ask) We'll make sure to keep you updated all along the way!

Also, as we are entering the digital/podcasting realm, check out this great interview with Trent on

Five AM

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be Still Video Project

The band has been working up a video project for the song Be Still. I think we are just about ready to start filming but there is a component that we would love for you all to get involved with if you feel inclined. The video is going to be a montage of clips of people being still and holding signs. The concept is everybody is willing to be active for something but are people willing to Be Still for? What are people willing to calm their hearts and minds for and focus their attention/thoughts/prayers on? Each sign will say, "I am Being Still for..." and then it would say whatever they are being still for such as peace, those without a home, jumpers (filmed on Golden Gate), the rain, those who have lost a child....etc. We are going to have cameras across the country getting clips of different people in different locations getting 5 to 10 second clips.

So where do you come in? 1. One if you have something you feel passionate about but do not have a camera you can either post a comment with your suggestion of what one of the signs should say and a suggested location if that is part of it. 2. You could film yourself Being still with a sign and send it to us (you might want to email me so we can tell you the deadline and format), 3. you could volunteer to be one of the people we film whether you have and idea for a sign or not.

The more we work on this the more ideas and camera people keep coming in. Post your suggestions and thanks.

Monday, February 25, 2008

getting caught up...

It has been awhile since we have updated this blog, but we are back. We promise to keep everyone more in the loop from here on out!

Here is a quick timeline of events over the past 4 months...

Nov. '07 - travel to Vancouver to finish mixing of Raise the Sun with Mike Frasier.
Dec. '07 - video for Still in Love With you is finished.
Dec. 31st, '07 - first New Years the band has taken off in 7 years. We are preparing for the whirlwind about to come in 2008.
Jan. '08 - Raise the Sun is mastered and duplicated. CD Release party planned.
Feb. 2, '08 - Five AM plays to a sold out Last Day Saloon crowd in Santa Rosa. The show was amazing. (see picture)
Feb. 20, '08 - Five AM hires Rent-A-Label to join our team. Their mission, should they choose to accept it: market the crap out of us. Radio, Internet, Print, Movies, TV and Film...beware.