Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be Still Video Project

The band has been working up a video project for the song Be Still. I think we are just about ready to start filming but there is a component that we would love for you all to get involved with if you feel inclined. The video is going to be a montage of clips of people being still and holding signs. The concept is everybody is willing to be active for something but are people willing to Be Still for? What are people willing to calm their hearts and minds for and focus their attention/thoughts/prayers on? Each sign will say, "I am Being Still for..." and then it would say whatever they are being still for such as peace, those without a home, jumpers (filmed on Golden Gate), the rain, those who have lost a child....etc. We are going to have cameras across the country getting clips of different people in different locations getting 5 to 10 second clips.

So where do you come in? 1. One if you have something you feel passionate about but do not have a camera you can either post a comment with your suggestion of what one of the signs should say and a suggested location if that is part of it. 2. You could film yourself Being still with a sign and send it to us (you might want to email me so we can tell you the deadline and format), 3. you could volunteer to be one of the people we film whether you have and idea for a sign or not.

The more we work on this the more ideas and camera people keep coming in. Post your suggestions and thanks.


Chad51 said...

hey.. idk y no one is commenting, you guys are going to make it big, so keep it up. But I may have some suggestions that might be of some help. 1."I am Being Still for…The troops over seas" (Then show a clip of soldiers helping people or send a video message to loved ones back home). 2."I am Being Still for…Those without a home". (Then show possibly Chicago streets and a homeless person holding a sign saying help, then another clip could be of people building homes in africa for those without homes). 3 "I am Being Still for… Love" (Then show a clip of a young couple who are expecting a baby, and them kissing). 4."I am Being Still for… Rain" ( Then just have a person hold the sign, then when it rains, have him smile and open his arms). 5."I am Being Still for…AIDS" (Then show a clip of someone getting tested). 6. "I am Being Still for… Morals" (Then show a clip of a girl at a party who feels uncomfortable, then have hold the sign up, then show another clip of her leaving).

Chad51 said...
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Chad51 said...

and last 7. "Iam being still for.. Those who cut" ( Then while this part of the song is playing "She falls to her knees feels the pull of the sea as she goes under
The world keeps rushing by with tears in her eyes hears a voice above her, that says" Show a girl like sliding down a wall after she cut her self crying, then at the end of the song when it says" .. Im Chad Im 19 and Im from Chicago, Il and I hope this helps, I would love to be apart of this video, if you need me to hold signs I'd be happy too. Thank you