Wednesday, May 30, 2007


sorry it has taken me awhile but I have no computer up here. Anyways, things are going great. Lillian and Be Still are mixed and sounding solid. I am in the middle of working on Still In Love With You right now and Mike Fraser has done an amazing job once again. Right now we are trying out some differnt intros and endings to see what sounds great.....we are close but not there yet. Last night Mike, Scott, Jeff and i went to Barnone and drank until 2:00 a.m. when Jeff was assaulted by a serbian guy saying "you are rude boy!" and then dancing off until he returned to say, "you are rude boy.' He finally left with some chick he picked up at the bar.

I tried to get Scott to pick up on a woman I called "slow grind" because she was slowly grinding her hips at the front of the stage for the band until I finally got a look at her........the only nice way I can think of to say this is "I was horrified" she looked like a horse who was beaten by a spatula.....I know not cool to say but.....It was shocking. I apologized to Scott. Two shots and four beers later Scott went home with horse-grind. they are very happy and are looking into stables on the outskirts of Vancouver.

On the way home i saw the Serbian guy and started yelling "the Adriatic sea SUCKs!" Jeff told me to shut up but after 9 jack and cokes i was ready for Serb guy. Serb guy entered an ally with the girl he met and I yelled "Hey you Euro pop crapsickle" He ignored me and peed on the wall while making out with his new friend. Jeff ran like a little girl. Euro-Trash approached me so I tore his arms off and beat him senseless. Jeff peed himself a little bit but I told him I wouldn't tell anybody so please ignore what I just wrote.

Loving Cou town. look forward to bringing this music to you all. I will have some pics later.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


We are not finished yet. I will be heading up in a little over a week to spend three days mixing our new songs with mix master Mike Fraser. Mike has mixed Aerosmith, AC/DC, Hinder, Rush and other bigs. Although we are not quit the BIG Stadium Rock band as those other guys, Mike should be able to fatten us up a bit. Pretty soon I will be screaming "Are you ready to ROCK N ROLL TOOONIGHT-TAAAAA!" Of course then I will jump into an acoustic ballad called My Sweet Mary Katherine's Mounds.

We are all in town for the time being so come out to our show on May 25th...check the website for details or better yet take the bus and I will provide the Jack and Cokes. I fly back to Vancouver on May 28th so I will let you all know what is happening once I am up there.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Wow. What a ride it has been. The guys are going to post some pictures of our last night and as you will see we tore it up. The drinking started at 5:00 p.m. and didn't let up until 2:21 a.m. when Jed and Hammer where drunk on the floor of the elevator and Jason was still some what conscious to snap a quick picutre. We left a mark on Vancouver....unfortunately it was the mark of our own blood as we kept running into things and getting our heads stuck in elevators. Fantastic fucking blow out night though.

The image above lists the three songs we ended up doing. Two of them were the fans top two choices. Still IN love with you was the dark horse. All of them sound great and we look forward to getting them out to you in some form as soon as we can. Right now I (trent) will be flying back at the end of the month to mix them.

Jeff Dawson is the man. He is not only a producer and cool guy but a true musician and artist. He pushed our music in ways we had never thought of and we owe him a big debt of gratitude.

I will type more later but right now I am exhausted from last night and the plane flight back but I wanted to say the guys Jason, Jed, Zach, and Benjie really out did themselves. They took these songs to levels I didn't think capable and they truly played there collective hearts out. there were some tense moments but they always did what was best for the song and often stepped up to write bigger and better parts.

We look forward to playing for you all soon. Right now we have to figure out how we are going to play these songs as fat as Jeff recorded them. Thanks to all of you who have been commenting and sending emails the whole time ~ Trent

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wilder shows us how it is done

so my son Wilder came to the studio yesterday to hang out and after 30 minutes he had done more damage than we had done in a week. He demanded Adam, our runner, get him some rice which he proceeded to eat upside down. Then he ate chicken strips and a hamburger half of which he threw at the TV screen during the crappy parts of Max & Ruby. Finally he grabbed a beer, hit Jeff (our producer) with a can of Molson and called us all bunch of "Cory Hart Canadian Pussies" and passed out. After we all came out from hidding....this is how we found him. My son is far more rock n roll than i will ever be.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3rd

It is Thursday, I think. We all heard a rough mix of Lillian and Still In Love With You yesterday(we are finishing up Be Still today). The songs sound great! Jeff has really done a number on us.

Highlights from Benjie's Birthday yesterday:

- Woke up at 11:30.

- Listened to the 2 most amazing, inspiring Five AM songs ever.

- Ordered a 60 piece platter of Sushi. The final count; Benjie 6 pieces, Trent 5 pieces, Hammer 7 pieces, Jason 1 piece (then he split it out), Jed 41 pieces, 2 rice bowls, 3 plates of yakitori chicken and 1 strongbow (alcoholic cider).

- Ate one beautiful, rich, creamy chocolate cake from the Yaconellis

- Ate one Ice Cream cake that said "Happy Scrotal Cloak Day" from Jeff

- Drank a "Grizzly Bear" drink consisting of Rum, Brandy and Hot Chocolate while the waitress hit on my wife by bending over the table, exposing her breast, and asking in a deep low voice, "Would you like me to sugar your rim?" I mean seriously, what the f%^k does that even mean?

Celebrating my birthday in Vancouver, living the dream, recording my favorite music...priceless.

Oh, and I saw the world's first prototype of a real, life size, working, Scrotal Cloak. There is something so mysterious about it. I honestly believe it will revolutionize the industry.

Check back soon, Hammer's manlove for the Japadog has taken on a life of it's is both beautiful and frightening, all at the same time.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007


NEW PHOTOS!!! check em out

Hammer's List

Hey y'all. Hammer here. Thought it was time I chimed in on the blog. Aside from being in the middle of recording our best tracks ever (holy crap), here's a list of what's been going on:

1. We are renaming the band Peter Diaframton. Email Jed with complaints.

2. We rode the choo-choo train at the park.

3. We've come to the sad realization that we're the dorkiest rock band in the northern hemisphere (see #2). There's an Argentinian band called The Cacky Slack Gangsters who hold the southern title.

4. Last Wednesday we achieved a level of drunkenness normally reserved for Irish weddings.

4a. Trent and I trashed our hotel room and scared the crap out of Benjie at the same time.

4b. So far we've managed to avoid legal repercussions for the fire extinguisher incident (see 4a).

5. We learned that Ben E. King apparently wrote the classic "Stand By Me" for the Nazi Party. Believe me, we were just as surprised as you are.

6. My balls have been named Cagney and Lacey. Believe me, we were just as surprised as you are.

7. We've made some real progress in making Jed fat. It's my sincere belief that a fat drummer is a funky drummer, so I've been trying to fatten him up for years, with little success. It's much easier up here with all the fried cheese.

8. We've learned that most crack addicts in Vancouver want the same exact thing--37 cents. Weird, huh.

9. I'm still not sure if I trust Canadians. They're reserved and quiet. A little too quiet...

So you can see we're having a blast up here in the great city of Vancouver. Last night, Jed, Jason and I went to a lecture featuring Sir George Martin (producer known as the 5th Beatle). It was inspiring just to be in his presence. Later, back at the hotel, we passed Dennis Hopper in the lobby. Not as inspiring, but pretty cool.

Best wishes, see you back in the states.