Wednesday, May 30, 2007


sorry it has taken me awhile but I have no computer up here. Anyways, things are going great. Lillian and Be Still are mixed and sounding solid. I am in the middle of working on Still In Love With You right now and Mike Fraser has done an amazing job once again. Right now we are trying out some differnt intros and endings to see what sounds great.....we are close but not there yet. Last night Mike, Scott, Jeff and i went to Barnone and drank until 2:00 a.m. when Jeff was assaulted by a serbian guy saying "you are rude boy!" and then dancing off until he returned to say, "you are rude boy.' He finally left with some chick he picked up at the bar.

I tried to get Scott to pick up on a woman I called "slow grind" because she was slowly grinding her hips at the front of the stage for the band until I finally got a look at her........the only nice way I can think of to say this is "I was horrified" she looked like a horse who was beaten by a spatula.....I know not cool to say but.....It was shocking. I apologized to Scott. Two shots and four beers later Scott went home with horse-grind. they are very happy and are looking into stables on the outskirts of Vancouver.

On the way home i saw the Serbian guy and started yelling "the Adriatic sea SUCKs!" Jeff told me to shut up but after 9 jack and cokes i was ready for Serb guy. Serb guy entered an ally with the girl he met and I yelled "Hey you Euro pop crapsickle" He ignored me and peed on the wall while making out with his new friend. Jeff ran like a little girl. Euro-Trash approached me so I tore his arms off and beat him senseless. Jeff peed himself a little bit but I told him I wouldn't tell anybody so please ignore what I just wrote.

Loving Cou town. look forward to bringing this music to you all. I will have some pics later.


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Best. Picture. Ever.

~Sara H. said...

Uhhh....some Middle Eastern sounding guy just called to book you guys for a show...."in his ass" (?) he said? You wanna take this one?

Anonymous said...

Trent - you are one fucked up- insane-drunk-beautiful-writer-poet. Put the Jack down and get the songs to us!!!!!!

-Karen and Katy