Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3rd

It is Thursday, I think. We all heard a rough mix of Lillian and Still In Love With You yesterday(we are finishing up Be Still today). The songs sound great! Jeff has really done a number on us.

Highlights from Benjie's Birthday yesterday:

- Woke up at 11:30.

- Listened to the 2 most amazing, inspiring Five AM songs ever.

- Ordered a 60 piece platter of Sushi. The final count; Benjie 6 pieces, Trent 5 pieces, Hammer 7 pieces, Jason 1 piece (then he split it out), Jed 41 pieces, 2 rice bowls, 3 plates of yakitori chicken and 1 strongbow (alcoholic cider).

- Ate one beautiful, rich, creamy chocolate cake from the Yaconellis

- Ate one Ice Cream cake that said "Happy Scrotal Cloak Day" from Jeff

- Drank a "Grizzly Bear" drink consisting of Rum, Brandy and Hot Chocolate while the waitress hit on my wife by bending over the table, exposing her breast, and asking in a deep low voice, "Would you like me to sugar your rim?" I mean seriously, what the f%^k does that even mean?

Celebrating my birthday in Vancouver, living the dream, recording my favorite music...priceless.

Oh, and I saw the world's first prototype of a real, life size, working, Scrotal Cloak. There is something so mysterious about it. I honestly believe it will revolutionize the industry.

Check back soon, Hammer's manlove for the Japadog has taken on a life of it's is both beautiful and frightening, all at the same time.


2 comments: said...

And the Giants decided to give 4-0, 0.029 ERA in AAA started Tim Lincecum a "try" on Sunday!

Happy bday dude!!

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday Benjie. What a trip & the best memories ever for you & the guys. Seeya soon.