Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wilder shows us how it is done

so my son Wilder came to the studio yesterday to hang out and after 30 minutes he had done more damage than we had done in a week. He demanded Adam, our runner, get him some rice which he proceeded to eat upside down. Then he ate chicken strips and a hamburger half of which he threw at the TV screen during the crappy parts of Max & Ruby. Finally he grabbed a beer, hit Jeff (our producer) with a can of Molson and called us all bunch of "Cory Hart Canadian Pussies" and passed out. After we all came out from hidding....this is how we found him. My son is far more rock n roll than i will ever be.

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Diane said...

We named our son Wilder, also. Who is your Wilder named after, if anyone?