Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lawyers, guns and Money

"Where's the new posts on recordings guys??????" "What’s going on guys?" We will tell you what’s going on....a big fat fucking nothing. The lawyers descended like a rain of constipated locusts and now nothing is being done. We have had to postpone our recording at the last minute because one lawyer didn't get a us a contract until 4:00 on Friday. Now we wait and wait for lawyers, guns, and money to sort it out. It sucks because once you start talking with lawyers all you can think about is all of the ways people are going to screw you over. You end up paranoid and hostile and we have been talking to lawyers since Friday.

The band is hoping by tomorrow all will be well and we can get back to recording and writing music.....it looks like Tuesday will hopefully be the start of a brand new day.

With the blog we will try and give you guys a sense of what we are doing by posting clips of some of the songs. We will try and post clips of it as it gets moving along.

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Marc said...

Lawyering *before* the recording? You guys aren't shredding pics of the pope again, are you?

I guess the good lawyers chase the ambulance before the body's even on the gurney.

What the...?