Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Better All The Time

So we were up by 7:15 am Thursday for the "Hot Waffle Breakfast" at the Super 8 in Sand Point, ID. Why the large sign included the word "hot" not just "waffle breakfast" is still a mystery, though they were quit tastey. We were at KPND 95.3 (spoken 95, 3 without the point!?) by 8:00am. The morning DJ Jonny was more than lively. He was having a "bad day" but still seemed to be digging having 5 guys cram into his studio for a live interview and performance. KPND recently boosted their broadcasting signal and is now heard in as far as Spokane WA, thats great! Back in the bus...

So after 3 hours of Montana driving we made it to Kalispell, had a quick lunch, adjusted to the time change (what?!) and headed to the station. Mission accomplished at KRVO. Brufus, MK and the crew there were friendly and sincerely glad to have us there. After we performed "Be Still", "Fall Apart" & "Just Say Anything" acousticly, we were told the station will be adding Five Am to their roster!

Fourty minutes later we are back in the bus driving 3 1/2 hours in the direction we just came from. We played the 9:00pm slot at 'The Blvd' in Spokane WA and were bummed to have missed The Dimes play since we had to get back on the road to make our 16 hour trek home. The guys from The Dimes were cool enough to give us a CD so we listened to them on our way back....


Well we turned it around folks. The bum tire was repaired and we made it to Eugene before dawn, and had a good time at KVRM (thanks Adam, Ken & Co.). While Jason got his head shaved, the rest of us enjoyed Yumm Bowls at the local veggie cafe.

In Portland Benjie came through in a big way and got us lodging at the massive home of some distant family friends, who had no idea what they were getting into (our apologies Ken and Patty, Jed knows not what he does). Our appearance on Portland's KINK 101.9fm was a blast, and after a lightly attended show later that night, we headed for Seattle just before midnight. After little sleep, we stumbled into KMTT Seattle and did our best to charm them (without getting to close, lest they should figure out that we were the ones that smelled like discarded cheese).

Stopping at a burger joint in the middle of nowhere, Jed proved his worth as a first class schmooze when he offered the cook and counter girl copies of our CD. Turns out the cook is involved in promoting a large concert series in the area. Aw yeah. We also tried Beefalo, which is better than it sounds.

We'll have the rest of the night off in Spokane, resting up for our marathon Thursday (two radio appearances, one club show, and 6 hours of driving in one day). Wish us luck, and keep sending those cards and letters.

- Zach

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