Monday, April 23, 2007

Didn't have to use my was a good day.

this is Jed. So I've finished drums on the first track, "be still", and it all sounds awesome. Our producer Jeff is amazing and he's got some amazing old 1942 drums that just make things sound incredible!

I'll let BK write more tomorrow bout his beverage elation, so for now I'll just say that it's time for bed, and we'll do it all again tomorrow on a few new tracks.

We also walked around the city today, got lost in a closed entrance to a shopping mall, stared in bewilderment, not only at the beautiful Vancouver water/sky/snow-covered mtn skyline, but were stopped in our tracks listening to wang chung. Who is wang?? And who is chung for that matter??

Also had some great pasta (pronounced paste-a here) across the street from our studio.

full and funny feeling...


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Anonymous said...

YAY! Be Still!! I love that song even though I've learned it completely wrong since SOMEONE changed it and put the 3rd verse last and added a bridge and slightly changed the first verse and put it on the end or WHATEVER. I can't wait to hear the new, magic studio version. :-)