Friday, April 27, 2007


Trent here. yesterday we dug into Lillian and i must say it is some of the best work this band has ever done. You fans will not recognize the song when you hear it. It is big, fat, washy and beautiful. hammer and jeff worked their asses off last night. Afterwards we hit a bar downtown and drank....and drank.....and drank....peed..drunk dialed our lawyer.......drunk dialed Donny.....and then drank. Hammer and I came back to our room with BK and trashed the place in all of our drunken glory. I sprayed benjie with the fire exteguisher as he came out of the bathroom. Funny...until we all couldn't breathe. The other guys wanted some more drinks so they went to the peep show across the street. After 45 minutes of looking at weiners they realized we are in the gay area of town (not that there is anything wrong with that). Hammer turned on the TV and kept making lewed comments about what he wanted to do to Jodi Foster's nose in the movie Contact. I spent the evening trying to push Hammer's and Benjie's twin beds together while they were sleeping so they could wake up in a Trains, Planes and Automobiles moment but instead I kept tipping Benjie over and onto the floor. this morning while sleeping on the fold out I awoke to Housekeeping peeking around our door, horrified at smashed bananas, crackers, broken sugar packets and tiped over tables. I apologized and then said, "Need sleepy........get out....must get sleepy..."

The music is going amazing. I am shocked with how huge it sounds. See you all soon.


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As soon as I missed the first call...about Rick Astley...I knew turning OFF my phone was the way to go.

1. I miss youse guys.

2. I *can* sing every Rick Astley song, but writing it out now doesn't do it for me.

3. Jodie Foster is trying to lead a quiet life as a "non-lesbian who has a kid with her best friend who's also a girl" Hammer.....please, do not fuck her nose. Or face. For Christs sake....the dude who killed GOD blamed Jodie...why are you attracted? Oh, wait. Cuz she'd never be into it.

p.s. Check Kim's myspace message.

At this point, all I can say is..

GO FUCKING GET EM!!! When you get home, I'll whore that EP out like Diet Coke Plus. Do they have that in Canada?