Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shot a blaze of glory!

I think that's how the Bon Jovi song goes. Except that we actually saw "blades of glory" last night, and it was not the best movie I've ever seen. In fact, it wasn't even in my top 200, by a long shot. But it was consistently amusing and I did lol, so coolio.

We are at day 27, trying on daisy dukes and drum parts with our esteemed producer, jeff dawson, who is really tranforming our barge of a band into a finely tuned battleship cruiser. Everything sounds amazing, and I won't write too much for two reasons:

* BK is going under the knife as I write this because he's got many cool percussion toys that he wants to lay down, and I want to listen in the control room, without judgement.

* Here's our first (and possibly only) video we'll put up on this blog....check it out here!

Eating and sleeping well,

Jed and the experience


Kim said...

Hey- It's Kim. I just wanted to say...I've never know a time when Jed wasn't eating and sleeping well!!!
Carry on our wayward sons!!

marc said...

All tingly thinking about which CD scoots off my jogger mp3 to make room for the new. You guys have a legion of folks in the Bay Area sittin with you in the studio ... make us proud.

Very much looking forward to hearing what this new producer is going to do to your sound....a bit nervous as well. Is it gonna sound like Papa Roach?? Kenny G?? Or more you than you?

Kill! And if not, have a nice soy and panini, rocker guys!