Thursday, April 19, 2007

We're off to Vancouver Saturday Night!

So, somehow, I've convinced the band to head up to Canada, Vancouver to be exact, to record some great new tunes with jdawson, whose had recent success with dpowter's (had a bad day!) big hit. Trent, our fearless lead singer and key motivator is now in BC I believe as he's going up a day early to get some details nailed down with jeff and finish up the schedule of what's gonna happen while we're there.

I am super excited to get on up to the great white city, for many reasons, one being that I love the area and two, because I'll run into some of my family, as the Friesen's are all over Vancouver.

We've got a videographer for a few days, so this should be fun....wish us luck!

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parveen said...

Hey 5am, I cant balieve you are finally in Canada and recording it must feel great! I hope you all have a great time recording and playing music. I wish you lots of luck and cant wait to hear the finished songs!

p.s. I cant balieve canada airline is in the domestic terminal :-o isnt Canada another country? ..........when did this happen?