Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 1

We made it into Vancouver last night. Met up at a bar with Mimi and Bree (Canadian Recording Services), Jeff Dawson (producer) and Mike Fraiser (Mixer). The hotel bar, Moxie, was blasting mindless house music all night. fortunately, after Trent bitched enough to the ho waitress, they turned it down. We ordered watered down drinks and Jed got the Salmon Wrap. We aren't sure if Canadians have a sense of humor yet, we'll let you know. We are staying in downtown, and so far the city is cool. We just arrived to the studio. It's fat. Most of the day today will be setting up the equipment and getting sounds while Jed waits for the lunch break. It was an early morning, as most of us wandered in around noon.

We'll keep you updated!

five am


parveen said...

Jed for all the food you eat, you sure look good :-) !!!!!
did you go to the indian place yet? its suppoused to be awesome, keep Benjie back from mixing indian food and alocohol as my school's emetology department says it can lead to vomiting ha ha ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you tipped the house maids better than you did Benji