Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All these great things...happening now!

We've got several super cool things goin' on today, and I'm not sure where to begin, and I'm pretty much hyped for it all so I've got to run off and get started:

We've got jason, our fearless, metal head bass player tracking in studio today...not really a metal head, just a metallica/pantera-afficionado.

I've managed to work in some great breakfasts, some better than others (bad bacon at hamburger mary's), and some killer snacks and early evening scarf fests consisting of panini sandwiches with cucumbers and cranberry compote, duck sausage tortellini and some price waterhouse bakery near the fantasy factory across the street form our sandman suites abode. No slight to the land of canadia, but we are enjoying our rooms and are feeling alive and reckless on the streets of B.C.!

Some big ass movie is being filmed literally right across the street from the studio, with catering, lights, wardrobe and fanny trucks parked round the block. We have been told by Mimi, our grand liason, that films/tv/mini series are constantly being created in and around vancouver, and if you go to bcfilmcommision.com or something, then you can see all films, etc. being produced. Elegy stars Penelope Cruz, Dennis Hopper and Sir Ben...Kingsley, so we've asked them over for a 'we are the world' esque danity kane sing-a-long later tonight. We'll see how that all turns out...

Some have asked if we can put music on the site as we progress....we'll see as I try to setup an audio blog or a live phone call chat blog or some shit....(I'm busy up here, so we'll see).

And finally, we've got Dustin Gould coming up today. He'll film us for a few days and then go home. We can't wait. For many days (at least two) I've dreamed of documenting five a.m. in their glory, reminiscing on past, present and future endeavors, so here's our big chance!

OK....gotta go back to work/fun/more fun than work

Love and Nagy,

five a.m. and sons

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